Competition Entry


Registration is available using the following means of communication:
 Electronically using email – send email to, registrations will be considered to be valid after confirmation from the Organizer.
 Electronically using the information system found on the official website
 FAX – use the telephone number provided in Contact form.
 Regular mail – send your applications to Aeroclubul României at the address specified in Contact form.

Registration is valid and complete by submitting the Official Entry or the online registration form published on the official website with NAC confirmation sent by e-mail, FAX or regular mail.

In case of any problems with signup, registration or any other relevant issue, please contact the system administrator at

Registration forms, electronic web form and other relevant information’s will be available at the official contest website no later than 18th of May 2018.

Registration deadline is 10th of July.

Entry Fees

Entry Fees are specified as follows:
 Competitor: 300 EUR
 Other team member and observer: 100 EUR

To pay the Entry fee please use the bank details provided in Bulletin 1.

The entry fee DOES NOT cover the following:
 Fuel and oil for competition flights:
o 2.5 EUR / liter of AVGAS
o 7.5 EUR / liter of Aeroshell oil 15w50
o 6.25 EUR / liter of Aeroshell oil W100 and Aeroshell oil W120
 Landing fee:
o 3 EUR/tone/landing;
o 20 EUR/aircraft/day;
o 120 EUR/aircraft/month.
 Aircraft parking fees:
o Outside parking of aircraft: 4EUR/day
o Hangar parking for aircraft: 8 EUR/day
 Shared accommodation – double room (15th – 23rd of July, 8 nights)- 170 EUR
 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – 13 EUR/day
 Official and social functions;
 Programs arranged by the Organiser;
All the above prices DO NOT INCLUDE VAT.
A single room supplement of 20 EURO applies per night.

Deadline for the Entries

The Preliminary Entry Forms should be provided to the Organizer no later than 30th June 2018.
The Official Entry Forms as well as the Entry Fees must be provided to the Organizer no later than 10th July 2018.
Any further delay will incur an additional charge of 100 EUR.

For any queries about the arrival or clearance of fees, please contact the Organizer using e-mail or the other contact information provided in Contact form.

Entry Fee Refund Policy

If a registered competitor or official has to withdraw from the competition, his/her NAC may substitute another pilot or official with no financial penalty. If a participant wishes to cancel their entry, he must contact the Organiser. The date of withdrawal will be noted by the Organiser and will set the proportion of the fee to be refunded by the Organiser.

Withdrawal before 10th July 2018 – 100% of the Entry fee will be refunded.
Withdrawal after 10th July 2018 – no Entry fee will be refunded.
In case of Entry fee refunds any bank fees that occur on the organizer’s side will be deducted from the entry fee refunds.
If a competitor is disqualified from the event according to the FAI Sporting Code, Section 6 Part 1, no entry fee will be refunded.

Free Known Programme submission

The deadline for the Free Known submission is 17th of July (Tue) at 16:00 LT.

Competitors should provide their Free Known Programme as early as possible for checking, to avoid OSO issue (Organiser’s Sequence Overload).

Competitors may submit their Free Known sequence via the e-mail address Every submission will be confirmed. Free Known Programme submissions are not valid without confirmation.

Free Known Programmes should be submitted using latest version of OpenAero or Microsoft Visio Aresti software file format.

Submission of the sequence must have / allow production of properly filled ABCRL form with all specific requirements stated in FAI Sporting Code, Section 6 Part 1, Submission will not be accepted if these conditions will not be fulfilled.

No other format will be accepted(i.e. pdf, hardcopy or scanned hand-drawn).