Strejnic Airfield

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*For further aerodrome details please access the ROMANIAN AIP over at:

*For further aerodrome details please access the ROMANIAN AIP over at:

Strejnic airfield is located approximately 5 km west from Ploiești town centre.

To get to the airfield:

With airline: via Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport, located 50 km from Strejnic.

By air: there are several entry points in Romania where AVGAS 100LL is available.
From the west:
– LRSM – Satu Mare
– LROD – Oradea
– LRAR – Arad
From the north-east:
– LRIA – Iași
– LRTC – Tulcea
From the south:
– LRBS – București Băneasa
– LRSB – Sibiu
– LRTM – Târgu Mureș
*Note: It is mandatory to take off from an International Airport and land first in Romania at an International Airport for customs/border police.
Romania is EU member country since 1 January 2007 but currently is outside of the Schengen area.
From 01 January 2018 an operator shall not operate an aircraft in airspace where carriage of radio is required unless the aircraft radio equipment has the 8.33kHz channel spacing capability – REGULATION (EU) No 1079/2012.

Be advised that in Transilvania, while transitting TMA NAPOC Airspace, you must follow mandatory VFR Routes and shall fill-in FPL one of the VFR routes described in AIP Romania at Related maps can be found here:

VFR Charts for Romania available here: or

For further information consult AIP Romania:

By train: all the trains passing through PLOIEȘTI (Prahova). After arriving in Ploiești, a car will pick you from the train station. Please inform the organizer about your estimated time of arrival.

By car: on National Road 1, from Bucharest to Brașov, on the western side of Ploiești ring road, there is a traffic sign which shows Strejnic to the left. After taking the third exit at the roundabout to Strejnic, continue forward for about 900m. The airfield is situated on the right side.